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Opening hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Phone :+382 326 902 03

Mobile: +382 68 853 241


Huma Kotor Bay -Kids Club activities


Kids’ Club offers engaging and creative activities for children, under the attentive supervision of our professional staff.

Huma Kotor Bay -Kids Club babysitting


Contact us and enjoy your free evening, knowing that your children are taken care of by our professional staff.

Huma Kotor Bay -Kids Club


A perfect family holiday is both exciting and carefree, a magical time when unforgettable memories are created. Our on-site Kids’ Club allows our youngest guests to have fun and to forge new friendships.

Everyone knows it’s not always easy being a parent. Kids can be demanding, restless, and need to be supervised, especially during trips and vacations. Still, even parents need a relaxing holiday once in a while. Adults will surely appreciate our luxury resort amenities like Spa & Wellness. Yet, children have different interests.

Huma offers plenty of opportunities for a great family holiday. Besides our beautiful Virtu Beach, Infinity Pools, and other luxury resort amenities at your disposal, our Concierge Service can organize a range of appealing excursions to suit everyone’s taste. We can tailor any excursion option to your liking: from sightseeing and educational tours, hiking trip or boat ride, and much more.

Family exploration can quite easily combine fun time, learning new things, and, perhaps, a little bit of adventure as well. Whether you’re traveling with babies or teens, a family of four, or a multigenerational group, Huma vacation will keep everyone happy.

Good Kids Club is often high on the priority list of any parent planning a holiday. Whilst you probably won’t want to have your kids away for the entire week, a morning or afternoon here and there will give you a chance to switch off.

Huma Kids Club is a safe and child-friendly environment where kids can enjoy their playtime and meet new friends, under the professional supervision of our engaging and attentive staff.

Meantime, parents can safely take their time off for a much-needed break, perhaps go for Spa treatment, or finally have that romantic cocktail by the Infinity Pool, knowing their kids are in safe hands.

Huma in-resort luxury services and amenities guarantee a memorable, easy-going family holiday.

Huma Kotor Bay -Kids Club


  • Opening hours: from 9 am till 9 pm.
  • All children in the Kids’ Club must be under parental guidance.
  • The extra charge for babysitting services for children under 4 years old is 15 € (per hour and per child).
  • Children with fever or other illnesses’ symptoms are not allowed in the Kids’ Club.
  • All children must be registered by a parent/legal guardian who must complete a release form and leave a contact number.
  • No child is able to leave the Kids’ Club premises unless his/her parent/guardian has authorized otherwise.
  • In an effort to maintain order, security, and discipline, and also to avoid compromising the integrity of the child and/or others, in case the child demonstrates a lack of discipline or does not obey the instructions of Kids’ Club staff, we will contact the parent/guardian to discipline the child.
  • Kids’ Club is not responsible for any loss of personal items while under the care or during the Kids’ Club activities.
  • Kids’ club staff will not administer any form of medication to any child whatsoever,  despite any visible medical symptoms.
  • Kids’ Club has a maximum capacity of 15 children.