Mudra Art Cuisine


+382 68 888 887

Open for lunch (13:00-16:00)

Open for dinner (18:00-23:00)

One of the best restaurants in Kotor Bay, Mudra Art Cuisine is the ultimate Montenegro fine dining venue where a passionate first-rate chef creates signature cuisine crafted from locally grown ingredients.

Located in the very heart of Kotor Bay, Mudra Art Cuisine provides exclusive access to the best of what the Montenegro coast has to offer, effortlessly capturing its energy, beauty, and rich culture.

Enjoying the personalized service and explore the unique menu while feeling the fresh Adriatic breeze, listening to the gentle sound of waves, and basking in the gleamings of incredible Kotor Bay sunset.

Chasing its ambition to constantly provide the best fine dining experience, Mudra Art Cuisine has partnered with a team of chef consultant Hrvoje Kroflin. Since he entered the world of fine-dining industry at the age of 19 chef Kroflin, has spent his career elevating fine-dining experience by incorporating heritage and traditional recipes to create exquisite and diverse flavours.

Applying sophisticated culinary technology, he brings out the very best from the fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients and presents the tastes of Montenegro in the uniquely lavish Mudra style. No wonder his uncompromising dedication to clean flavors and optical harmony in every dish delivers pure gastronomic joy. The rich gastronomic heritage is an extremely attractive motive for him to establish a creative haute cuisine, and Kroflin is successfully leading a new generation of extremely promising chefs.

Come to Mudra Art Cuisine and experience the peaks of culinary art and the most memorable, integral dining experience in the superb setting of Kotor Bay!