Experience Mediterranean by tasting it

Each dish, selected wine or simply a cup of flawless espresso, create a small hedonistic celebration. Enjoy your morning in the sunny Breakfast Hall, refresh by the sea in Virtu Lounge & Restaurant head to a la carte Toscana restaurant for freshly made meals and finally, enjoy the sunset with Huma signature coctails complementing art cuisine dishes on the terrace of our fine dining restaurant Mudra Art Cuisine. 

Restaurant Mudra Art Cuisine

Mudra Art Cuisine is a fine dining restaurant where world-renowned chefs bring signature cuisine crafted from locally grown ingredients.
Book your seaside table and be ready for a new level of experience. 


Located in historic town of Dobrota, at only 3,1 km distance from the spectacular Kotor Old Town, Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas offers an unique five-star experience on a sandy beach Virtu, one-of-a-kind in the Bay.


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