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In Huma, it takes but a step to reach the mythical abode of peace and rejuvenation. Enter Shanti, the oasis of silence, Spa & Wellness like no other.
Feel the ultimate relaxation pervading your entire being, bask in the shine of your inside and outside beauty. Shanti Spa & Wellness will take you on an exquisite journey through your body, mind, and spirit, into the new levels of calm and innermost balance.
Breathe in the peace and magic of Huma, relax, rejuvenate and rejoice in your new, undeniable Shanti resplendence!


If you’ve been dreaming of a getaway that will relax your mind, stimulate your senses, and get your body into optimal shape, look no further. Simply stroll over to Shanti Spa & Wellness. The superb personalized care of our experts, pampering treatments, customized fitness or yoga sessions, and targeted programs will do the rest. Our luxurious facilities will mark all the enjoyable steps on your journey to innermost harmony.

Huma Kotor Bay -Shanti Spa massges for couples

VIP Couple Treatment

Share a perfect Spa day with your partner in our VIP Suite. VIP Couple is a luxury treatment for couples that includes 2 relax whole body massages, a fruit plate, 2 smoothies, Finnish Sauna, and Steam Room sessions.

Huma Kotor Bay -facial treatments

Facial Tretaments

Shanti Spa facial experts apply Biologique Recherche methodology that uses unique and personalized skincare protocols that detoxify, stimulate, oxygenate and tone the skin to deliver glow, radiance, and luminosity

Massages & Body Treatments

Indulge yourself with a range of massages and luxury body treatments. Relax, detoxify and rejuvenate under the hands of our experienced experts. We firmly believe your body deserves only the best, and therefore use only the highest-quality natural ingredients.

Huma Kotor Bay -Shanti Spa make up

Beauty Salon

There s no better way to complete your superb Shanti Spa & Wellness experience than to enjoy a manicure, pedicure, and professional make-up services at our Beauty Salon.

Huma Kotor Bay -Shani Spa hairdresser

Hair Salon

Dazzle everyone with your latest holiday hairstyle! From curling to straightening, cutting to blow drying, from trendy hair colours to highlights balayage techniques, we will make sure your hair is up to your great vacation mood. For that special night out or a festive occasion, we will make sure you shine with your Event Hair!

Huma Kotor Bay -gym


Stay in shape with our stylish, state-of-the-art gym and experienced trainers! In Huma, your Montenegro active holiday is but a few steps away.

Huma Kotor Bay - Steam bath

Steam Sauna

Boost your health and good looks with a session in our Steam Sauna. The wonderful steam bath will clear any congestion you might suffer from, improve your skin health and circulation, lower your blood pressure, and much more. Ideal for relaxation or workout recovery.

Huma Kotor Bay - sauna

Finnish Sauna

Enjoy the many benefits of Finnish Sauna: better circulation, stress relief, easing of the stiff joints and sore muscles, stronger immune system, glowing skin, and – last but not least – better mood!

Huma Kotor Bay - Shanti Spa

Relaxation Room

Soothe your senses, nestle down, and relax. Our quiet, softly toned relaxation room, with its luxurious relax loungers, soft fabrics, and subtle light, induces a sense of serenity and calmness.



Shanti Spa& Wellness professional team is at your disposal! Through their joined expertise, our physiotherapists, medical professionals, nutritionist, therapists, yoga and fitness couches will create your personalized Spa & Wellness program for all-around wellbeing and self-transformation. All of our programs are based on natural therapies, individual customization, and healthy dieting.



Anti stress program is ideal for those who want managing stress in your life, balancing the body, mind and spirit. Our team supports your quest to de-stress, nourish the body, relax your mind and reconnect with yourself.

Huma Kotor Bay -yoga
  • 6- night accommodation
  • Day 1: Medical assessment and consultation with physician’s recommendations
  • Personalized nutrition program devised by nutritionists
  • Day 1-7: Morning yoga on Virtù Beach, every day at 8:30 a.m.
  • 3 healthy meals per day, following our nutritionist’s recommendations
  • Complimentary tea, detox water, and fresh fruit juices in the spa area.
  • Unlimited use of spa and wellness facilities: Rrelaxation Room, Steam Room, Finnish Sauna, two outdoor swimming pools and gym.
  • One hour of relaxing in a hot tub with aromatic bath salts, in the VIP Suite.
  • 3 special treatments during the stay: Relax Massage, 30 min; Anti-stress Full Body Massage, 60 min; Foot and Hand Reflexology, 40 min.
  • Fitness classes with a personal instructor, recommended by our professional team: Stretching, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobic exercises, Latin Dance
  • Free time: Relaxing on our beautiful Virtù Beach, long seaside walks, seaside runs, swimming, sightseeing.


Weight loss program is designed to help people to reduce their weight and achieve their goals making changes to their daily habits. This program helps participants build skills for successful lifestyle changes.

Huma Kotor Bay -Shanti Spa programs
  • 6-night accommodation
  • Day 1: Medical assessment and consultation
  • Personalized nutrition program devised by nutritionists
  • Day 1 – 7: Morning yoga class at Virtù beach, every day at 8.30 a-m.
  • 3 healthy meals per day, following our nutritionists’ recommendations
  • Complimentary tea, detox water, and fresh fruit juices in the spa area
  • Unlimited use of spa and wellness facilities: Relaxation Room, Steam Room, Finnish Sauna, two outdoor swimming pools, and the Gym
  • 2 special physiotherapeutic treatments: Anti-cellulite massage, 60 min; Deep tissue massage, 45 min.
  • Fitness classes under the guidance of a personal instructor, following a recommendation by our professional team.
  • During your stay we will organize a hiking program for weight loss, seaside run, Yoga and fitness classes, and a healthy food menu.


Detox program is most effective cleansing program in short time, cleanse the blood, eliminate toxins, remove cellulite, increase vital energy and immune system.

Huma Kotor Bay -sauna
  • 6-night accommodation
  • Day 1: General medical assessment and clinical analysis
  • Personalized nutrition program with detox diet devised by nutritionists
  • 3 healthy vegan meals per day, following our nutritionists’ recommendations
  • Day 1 – 7: Morning yoga classes at Virtù beach, every day at 8.30 a-m.
  • Complimentary free tea, detox water and natural drinks in the spa area
  • Unlimited use of spa and wellness facilities: relaxation room, steam bath, Finnish sauna, two outdoor swimming pools, and the gym
  • 2 special body treatments: Body Detox body with marine mud wrap (with a full body massage) 75 min; Lymphatic Drainage (detox massage) 60min
  • Refreshing and rejuvenating Facial Oxygen treatment, 60 min
  • Free access to hydrotherapy facilities following the advice of physicians (steam bath, outside pools, Jacuzzi).
  • During your stay our professional team will organize a fitness program aimed at detox, ranging from aerobic exercise, stretching, Pilates to personal training, depending on the medical assessment